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‘v'ehiele theft is big business. especially in some cities. Although your Buick has it number oi" thei'l deterrent Features. we know that nothing we put on it can make it impossible to steal. However. there are ways you can help.

Key in the Ignition

if you walk away From your vehicle with 111:: keys inside. it‘s an easy target For joy riders or professional thieves —4 Hl‘i don't do it.

When you park your Buick and open the driver's door. you'll hear a chime reminding you to remove your key from the ignition and take it with you. Always do this. Your steering wheel will be locked. and so will your

ignition and transaxle. And remember to loci: the dtmrs.

Parking at Night

Park in at lighted spot. close all windows and loci-t your vehicle. Remember to keep your valuables out of sight. Put them in a storage area. or take them with you.

Parking Lots

If you pork in u lot where someone will he watching your vehicle. it's host to look it up and take your keys. But what it‘ you have to leave your ignition key? 1What if you have to leave something valuable in your vehicle“?

I Put your valuables in a storage area. like your trunk or glove box.

0 Lock the glove hos. 0 Lock all the doors except the driver’s. 0 Then take the door key with you.

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