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Pflwer Door Locks [Option] Rear Duor Security Luck

Your Buiuk is. equipmd wiih rear door security lacks-i Ihm hc1p]11'::k-t:rll pmwngers from ”pulling Ihfl' rear doom m‘ ynur cur me IE1: inxidt. Tu use am: of these Inch:

Pu sh the pnwcr dn-nr In-L'IL switch to hack UI' unlock nil the dcmrs an nncc.

|. Mm»: the- Icver all the way up m the

EN CAGED poxhiun. 2. Chen: the drum.

3. Do th: FHJI'IIS [lying [u the uther reur [lnilr luck.

The rear drain; of your vch'LL'IL' cannot I‘ll? opened I'm-ITI inside whan thin feature it». in use. ”‘31:“ wan: Tu npen :1 :‘L-m' dnm' when 1hc security luck in un:

I. Unlm‘k the [innr from the inside.

I. Then upcn the flour ['run] IE1:- fiutside.


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