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When the lap he|1i~ pulled out all the way. il will luck. [i ll dnux. let it go heel»; all the Way and start again. lithe belt is null long enough. bee “Safety Bell Extender“ ul the end til [hi5 section. Make sure the release huttnn on Ihe buckle is positioned 50 you wnuld he able to IJJ'IhlJilhiL“ the anti-1y bell quickly ir' you ever hurt to.

Thu: lup pun til'the hell Hiluulti be worn Iuw :lnd smug on the hips,ju.~zl touching the thighs. in 1! crash. li'lifi applies [three tn the filming pelvic honeu. And you'd he less

likely to slide under the In]: hell. If you ‘ilitl under it. the hull wuuld apply litre: at your ahdnmcn. This could cause neriourt or even l'atuil injurien. The Hholllder belt should gt) m‘er Lhu shoulder and numb?" the chest. 'l'liesa: pitrta ol' the body EII'E: best able to take belt res-training I'nreeu.

The safety belt locks it' there's; :1 sudden stop tJI' it crash.


You can be Seriously hurt If your shoulder belt is too loose. In email you wouid move fomrd too much. which could increase injury. The shoulder belt should fit against your body.


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