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At Least Once a Year Starter Switch

Keg: Lock Cylinders

Ltrhricate die key lock cylinders with the lubricant A CAUTION: specified in Part I}. . . .

When you are doing lhts check, the reluele could Bode Lubrication more suddenly. If it does. you or others euulrl be

injured. Follow the steps below.

Lubriettle ull [1:113 dcnrr hinges. Air-in ]uhri::.'1le ull hinges and lntehes. including those for the hood. glove hm; EJUUT 11nd CEII'ISUEE dttflr. Purl D Ifillh' FUU “in“! [U Ulit‘. _ BUR)“: )ruu glurL bl: Nun: yfiju hut“: ‘_‘['|{}|_]gh I'ml'l] More frequent luhrieulinn may he required when around the vehicle.

exposed to H. corrosive environment.


Firmly apply both the parking brake [see "Parking Bruise" in the Index il' neuesntiryl und the regular brake.

NOTE: Du nut ten: “1.1: ULTCitil'fllfll' pedal. and be ready In turn (JIT the engine immediately iI' it starts.

3. Try tu- Hturt the engine in etuL'h gent. The Hlurlur should work only in PARK EP} nr NEUTRAL IN]. If the winner werkr- in any other position. your reltiele need}. nerviee.

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