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Maintenance Schedule I

The services shown in this schedule up to lfltfllfll miles

: [66 mt] km] should he performed after IUUHJIU milee (166 HUI] km} at the surne intervuls.


i The LES. Environmental: Pmteetion Agency or the California Air Reeourcee Btmrd has determined that the failure to perfonn this mainten enee item will not nnllil'y die etnist-iinn warranty ttr iintit recall |i..'tl'.IiIit}.r prior to the eompletiun elf vehicle useful life. We, however, urge that all recommended maintenance services: he rte I'Fttnned al the indicated intervals and the maintenance he recorded.


If your vehicle 1113:. an Engine Oil Life Monitor. the monitor will show you when to change Ihe nil _- usually belt-veer: 3.111} miles (5 in) km} and 1501'! miles

I! [3 5m knit since your Inst oil change. Under severe conditions the indicator may came an bet'ure

lull] miles [5 Dill] krnJ. Never drive your vehicle

more then 7.5”“ miles 1 I3 Silt} km] or IE months without an oil change.

The system won‘t detect dust in the oil. So 51' yea

drive in a Littii'tjt.r urcu be sure to change yourn-il every Milli miles 15 [m km] [If thmer if the CH ANGIE GIL. tight comes: on. Remember to reset the lDi! Life Monitor when the oil has been changed. For more information. see "Engine Oil Life Monitor“ in the Index.

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