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Vehicle Identification Number {VIN}

E .IH it“ P I. Eii-l.



'I'l’tia ia the legal ldentilicr for your Hawk. it appears on a plate in the Front cornernl' the instrument panel. on Ihe driver's side. You can tee il if you tool. Ihrough the Wittdahield I'J'utn outhidc your Ilocl'tiicle. The VIN also appcarh fill the Vehicle Cert ilicatinn and Service Parts label»; and the uerti l'_|L‘.'i[:t~.'~ of Iille and regiutration.

Engine Identification

The eighth character in your VIN is the engine code. Thu code will help you identify your engine. specifications. and Itplaucmcnt parla.

Service Parts Identification Label

Ytlu' I[ 11 all this label un the rear edge or the drill-trite door. It‘s very helpful if you ever need to order ports. On Ihia label is:

0 your "v'IN.

O the I'nodel denienation.

O paint inl'onnaliun. and

i a list of all production options and special equipment.

Be sure that this label is not removed from the vehicle,

Add-On Electrical Equipment


Don’t add anything electrical to your Buick unless you check with your dealer first. Home elet'lt'ical

equipment can damage your vehicle and the damage wuuldn'l he lfll'l'l‘l'l'd by yuur wan‘flnl}: Some add-on electrical equipment can keep other amendments from working as they should.

Your L"t‘.l’!ir.'lc huh an air bag system. Before attempting to add anything electrical to your Buick. see “Servicing Your Air Bag-Equipped Hotels" in the Index.

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