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Ifflte air cleaner is off, a backfire can came it damaging engine fire. And. flirt can easily get into your engine, which will damage it. Always have the air cleaner in plate when you’re driving.


Automatic Transaxle Fluid

When to Cheek and Change

A good time to check your automatic transmit: fluid level is when the engine oil is changed. Refer to the Maintenance Schedule to determine when to change your fluid. See “Scheduled Maintenance Services" in the Index.

How to Check

Because this operation can be a little difficulL you may choose to have this done at your Buick dealer Service Depanmenl.

If you do it yourself. be sole to follow all the instructions here. or you could get a false reading on the dipstick.


Too much or too little fluld can damage your tromxle. "loo much on mean that some of the fluid could eolne out and hill on hot engine parts

tin-exhaust system purlsfitartlngnfire. Be sure to get an aeeurnte reading if you chedt your

trnnmle fluid.

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