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Engine Accessory Belt


An electric fan under the. head can start up and injure you even when the engine is 11m running. Keel: hands. clothing and reels ma}r from any underhnod electric fan.


Things that burn earl gel on [101 engine parts and start a fire. These include liquids like gasoline. all. coolant. brake fluid, windshield washer and other fluids, and plastic or rubber. “in or others could be burned. Be eanel'ul not to drup or spill fixings that will burn onto a hut engine.

The 33m (Ll?) engine uses an engine necessary beJL This diagram shows the features ennnL-L‘ted by the hell muting. See ”Maintenance Schedule" in the Index for when tn eheck the hell.

Before closing lhe l1md.he «are all the liller eaph are an A. Pun-er Steering D. Air C‘unditinner pmperly. B. Crank E. Allematnr Then pull the hand duwn und L'IU-HL' ll Ilrlllly. C'. €011an Pump F. Teuxinncr

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