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Il’yuu mind a new cap. he sure“) get the right

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Gasollne can spray out on you “you open the

the wrong I 311E. it may nul [it or have proper «renting. and yum I'm-l tank and emissions system

fuel filler cap ton quickly. This spray can happen might he damaged.

ifynur limit is nearly full. and is mun: likely In hut wmtller. flpen the fuel filler cap slta'ulrlyl and “it for any “ILL-Is” mine to stop. Then unscrew the cap all [he was.

Be careful not In spill gumlint. Clean gamline from painted surfaces :35 soon :15 pussiblc. Sec “Cleaning TlIL‘.‘ Outside of Your Buick“ in Ihe Index.

When yuu put lhe can back nn. turn i: m 111: right umil yuu hL'ur ul lUiL‘Ll lhrfif t‘liuks.

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