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If you get the overheat waming with no aign nl' «mum. €001ng SYSIEII] Iry Ihis for :1 minule ur 5n:

E. Tum ul'l' yuur air mndiliflncr.

2. Tum on your healer In full hnl :u the highest fun fipflfld and open the window in necessary.

3. I1' yuu’n: in u lrui‘l'iujum. Hhil'l [u NEUTRAL INJ'. Inherwih'u, shift [01hr highest gear while driving —- AUTOMATIC OVERDRIVE {"33"} at THIRD Hi.

If yuu no longer Inn-n: [ht memem waming. you can drive. Just in hr: 5MB. driw Hinwcr I'm" uhflul IL'n nlirlulcan It'thc wm'ning doesn‘t mme back on. you can drive rmrmaily.

Ii‘lht: warning L'unLinucs. pulJ UV'EF. Map. and purl. [mm which: right away.

II'There's 5”“ '1" 5ign {:1-HIEUI1'I. 3“?“ “U“ idle: "1“ “Sim: Whun vuu dflCldL‘ il'x Hull: Lu [itl 11h: I'IUULI. here's what for two or threc minutes while yim'ri: parked. tn see if WEI” in:

the warning stops. But then. jt‘you still have {he Wuruing. mm qfl'rhe engine midi“?! urrrwmc' cur! id'mc' i'EJ'u'L'ie until i: cook down. 0 Rndimnr prcxsurc cup

0 ("nnlunl rucurery tnnl.‘

You may decide Hut In Ii’r‘: [th hu-utl Inn to 11:: ~inn-ice o EIL'L'U'iL‘ cnglm: rum.- help right away.


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