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Driving on Snow or let:

Must ”1‘th IirnL', “HIM: pluCct- when: your lifL‘h meet ll'lL' rend probably have good trnctien.

However. if there ia snow or ice between your tires and the mild. you Eu.” how: il very slippery hiluoliun. You'll l'tu'l-‘i: E] In: less: traction or “grip" and will need to be very careful.

What's the worst lime [or this:I “Wet ice." ‘ir'erg.r cold snow or ice can be slick and hard to drive on. But we: ice can be even more trouble because iI may offer the 1mm traction oi‘ell. You can get “wet ice" when it‘s about freezing. [32‘ F: lJ°CJ and freezing rain begins to full. Try to avoid driving on wet lL'L“ until salt and sand crews can get there.

Whatever the condition -- smooth ice. packet], bitiwing or lame snow -- drive with ca utinn.

li'y'ou have traction control. keep the system on. It will imprtwc your nhilii}: to- accelerate when driving on u Slippery mud. Even though your thicEe has a lruclinn control system. you‘ll Wur'll to slow down and adjust your driving to the rum] conditions. See "Traction Control SyHtem" in the Index.

Ifyotl don't have the traction control system. accelerate gently. Try not to break the fragile traction. If you accelerate too last. the drive wheels; will spin and polish The nurface under the tires even more.

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