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fine: you tire uniting Ul'l lite I'reewuy. [nuke L'L'I'Itdli you iliiflw it J'eusenehle fnl Inwi rig distance. Expect In mm'e slightly slower at night.

When yuu want tn leave the t'reewiiy. tum-e In the runner lune well in advance. li‘ynu miss yuur esit de nut. under any circumstances sme- LIJIEI hack up. Drive un tn the nest exit.

The exit rnlnp can he curved. sutnelimes quile sharply. The esit speed is usually pnsted.

Reduee ynur spEed uL'etI-t‘ding In grit-Ur speednrneter. not In ynur sense ni' mmiun. M'terdriving fnr Ell'l_'t" distiinee :il higher speeds. yeti mtty tentl tn thini; seen are gnhtg slower than you itelunlly ure.

Before Leaving en a Long Trip

Make sure yu-u're ready. Try [:1 be well rested. Il'ynu must start when yuu're net fresh -- sueh as .‘Jl'ter '.I dity's work —— dnn'l plun tn ntuke Inn men}f miles thul lirst pan of the journey. Wear comfortable elnthing and shoes yeti etm UHRll}'dl'it-'Cll1.

Is yntlr vehiele read}- I'm a lung trrp'.’ It'yuu keep it serviced and nlttinttiined. it ‘s read}; In git. [I' it needs serir'iee. htwe it done bel'nn: starting nut. (”court-5e. ynu']! find experienced and uhle serviee esperts in

Buick dealerships all items-s Nurth America. They'll be really and willing tn help it' ynu need it.

Here are same things gnu ean eheel‘. hei'ure u. trip:

I M'Jids-Iiielrt Washer Fi'irr'd: Is the resermir i'uli‘.l An: all winduws eleim inside and outside?

I Wiper Hi'rrdes'.‘ Are they in germ shape? '- Ftret'. Engine UH. {Miler Hum-i: Halve yflu eheeked :Ill lex'els'.‘

Ltmrji'k': Are they nli wnrking'? Are the lenses clean?

1 Tires: They are vilally imp-imam In .1 stile, Irnuhle-l'ree Irin. is the tread gilfld enough I'm' lung-distanee driving? Are the tires all inflated tn the reeurnmended pressure?

I Weather .Frnm'rrsrj‘: ‘Whul's the weather nutlnuk airing yuur ruute't Shetild yuu delay your trip at shun lime tn :Wnid :I rntijnr sterrn systeln'.’

' .I'Hups: D'tl yuLl have up-ltt-dflle mains?


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