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and the IIJ'E' symbol are trademarks oi" Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.

AUTO PRESET: Press it and the system will set the ]? strongest! FM or the six strongest AM stations on your preset buttons. To return to the stations you manually set. prCss tht: AUTO PRESET button again. [This button performs the same function as AUTO SET described previoualyd

EJECT: The system has two EJECI‘ buttons. Press the button near the CD slot to remove a disc. Press the button near the tape slot to remove a tape. The radio will play.

SOURCE: Press this knob to change to the tape or dis: i'unetion when the radio is on. If both atape and a disc are installed. the system will play the tape first. TAPE will appear on the display. If SOURCE is pressed again.

the system Iwill go to dist: play. CD will appear on the display.


Your system has this feature if the word THEFTLCICK

appears on the faceplate. THEFTLOCK is a theft-deterrent feature that can be used or ignored. if

you ignore it. your system will play normally. if you use it. your system can't he turned on if' it is stolen because it ioeits anytime battery power is removed. To unlock it. a eode must he entered.

These instructions will tell you Itow to enter a code into your system. They also tell you how to unlock the

system with your code and how to turn off the THEFTLDCK syslern.

Entering a Code

1. Write down any number from Hill]: to 1999. This is your code.

2. Turn the ignition to ACC or RUN. 3. Turn the radio ofi'.

4. Press the | and 4 preset buttons at the same time and hold until "- - -"’ shows on the display.


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