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3. Huh in ll'u: SET hmmn ul lhc cm] u1‘lllc lea-tr and l'L‘Eflals-ce il.

To Set CruiSE Contra]

l. Mun-u: Lhc L'rulhl: L‘L‘mh'u] switch In ON.

The CRUISE Eight m1. II'IL“ 'Ln-slrumcnl panel will cum: on.


If you lame ymlr mine contra: switch on when you're not using cruise. you might hit a huflon


and gun intucruise when you don"t want to. Yau

('de be startled and even lose control. Keep the l I cruise control wikil OFF until yml want In use I1.

4. Tum 1:er r'cml nl'1'1he uucuIeanr pedal. 3. (in! Up In 1hr rap-cud yull mun.

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