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Turn Signal and Lane Change Indicator

The turn Signal her- [we upwnrtl [liar right] and tun) duwnwnrtl [I'nr lefl] anlIlEII'Ih'. Theta: posiliuns ttlluw yen in signal :3 mm in in lane change.

Tn signal :I turn. mere the lever all the way up in dun-t1. When Ihe turn in Finished. the lever will return nulrnnnl ittaliy.

A green urmw tin. the instrument panel will flash in [he directinn of the turn nr lane change.

Tn signal 31 lane clmnge.ju5r raise or lowerthe lever until the green til‘l'uw starts to flash. Hnld it [here until yuu L‘tlmple‘lr.‘ ynur lune ehange. The lever will return by itself when yen Helen-3e il.

film you Hi gnal a turn in :1 lane change. if the arrows dtin'l flan]: huriust may nn. a signnl hull-u may he burned out and ether driven won‘t nee- ynur turn signal.

If n hulh i2: burned out. replace it to help avoid an accident. lt'thc green arruwn tiun't gu un at all when you signal a turn. check the fuse 151:1: "Fuses" in 1h: Index] and I'm burned—um bulbs.

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