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Your engine is designed to work with the eleelrouirs in your FIEJ'IHE. If you add electrical parts or accessories. y0u could dumge the way the fuel injection system operated. Before adding

electrical equipment, check with your dealer. If you don‘t. your engine mighl not perform pauperly.

If you ever have to have your vehicle towed. see the port of this munuul that [Elli hour to do it without damaging your vehicle. See ‘Towing Your Car" in the Index.

Driving Through Deep Standing Water


11' you drive too quickly through deep puddles or standing water, water can come in through your engine‘s air intake and badly damage your

engine. Never drive through water that is slightly lower than the underhody of your vehicle. If you can't avoid deep puddles or staudifl: water. drive through them very slowly.

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