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Starting Your Engine

1 ". Move your shift lever to PARK (P) or NEUTRAL IN). NOTILL' You: engine Won’t start in any other position —- that's 3 Holding your key in STA RT for longer than safety feature. 'Ti‘r lestatt when you're already moving. 15 seconds at a time will cause your battery to be USE NEUTRAL [Ni DHIE- drained much sooner. And the excessive heat can

damage your starter motor.

NOTICE: Don’t tr}.r to shift to PA. RIC [Pi if your Buick is

2. li‘your engine Won't start {or stuns. but then stopnj. it

. could be flooded with too much gasoline. Try "“3“"3- "you do. 3")“ could damage the pushing your accelerator pedal :11] the wan}- to the

"3033339- Shift “3' ”IRE {P} 0|“? when 3““? floor and holding it there as you hold the key in vehicle is flopped. START for about three seconds. If the car Stfli‘lfi briefly but then stops. again. do the same thing. but

this tinli: keep the pedal down for five or six seconds. This. clean: Lite: extra gnsttiine from the engine.

I. Without pushing the accelerator pedal. turn your ignition key to START. When the engine starts. let go of the ice-3.111»: idle speed wiii go down as your engine gets warm.

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