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Parking at Night New Vehicle “Break-In”

Park in :1 lighted will. close all windutvs and luck ynur vehicle. Remember In keep vuur valuables out ul'sight. . Put them in a. storage area. or take them with vnu. NOT ICE' Your mndem Buick doesn't need an elaborate “break-in." But it will perk-rm better in the long If you park itt a let where h'tn'ncvnnt: will he watching run if yen [allow these guidelines:

vuur vehicle. it‘s best in luck it up and take vaur keys. But what ifvou have to leave your ignition hey”? What if you have to leave something vulueble in your vehicle?

Parking Lots

0 Dun‘t drive at any one speed -- fast or slow -- fur the first Sill} miles [3-04 km]. Don’t make full—thnnlle Pita rtti.

0 Put vnur valuables in El storage area. like your lmnk Avoid making hard steps I'nr the first or glow: im- ztto miles {322 Inn] or so. During this lime

. Lucia the glnve bug your nEw brake linings aren't yet hmken

in. Hard stops with new linings can mean

premature Wear and earlier replacement.

. Th?“ take “1'3 door “it“ With )‘ULI- Follow this “breaking-in" guideline every

time yuu get he“ ht‘uke linings.

Don't tow a trailer during “break-in." See

"liming a Trailer" in the Index for more


I Luck nil ll'tt: dt'tctrs except the driver‘s.

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