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The driver's door will unlock and the interior lights will go on when UNLOCK is pressed. ll' pres-titted again Within five seconds. all doors will unlock. The interior lights will go out after 40 seconds or when you turn on the ignition.

All doors will loelt when DOOR is pressed.

Press the opened trunk symbol to unlock the trunk or wagon tiftgate. The Lransaxlt: must he in PARK (Pl. IF you have the wagon. the ignition must also be OFF.

Matching nonsmflterls) To Your Vehicle

Each key chain transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle. If a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replatoement can he purchased through your dealer. Remember to bring any remaining transmitters with you when you go to your dealer. When the dealer matches the replacement transmitter to your vehicle. the remaining nansn'titters- must also be matched. Once the new transmitter is eoded. the lost transmitter will not unlock your yehiele.

You can tttatlch a transmitter to as many different vehicles as you own, pmyitietl they are equipped with H'rrrt'tij‘ the some rttrtriei .t'l't'n'i'E‘ri‘t. {General Mtttttrtt tillers several different tttovtielt-t ni' these systems on their vehicles] Each vehicle can have only two transmitters matched to it.

See your dealer to in atelt transmitters to another vehicle.

Battery Replacement

Under lll‘rn'nul taste, the batteries in your key chain transntitler should last about two years.

You can tell the batteries are weak it‘the Lrttrtsmitter Won't Work at the normal range it! any location. If you have to get close to your vehicle befote the transmitter wort-ts. it‘s prohath time to change the batteries.

For battery replacetttent use two Duracellfi'hatteries. type BIL—2016. or a similar type.

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