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Power Door Locks


Press the power door lock switch on omit-r front door to lock or unlock all the doors at once.

Automatic [lo-Dr Locks

Just close your doors and tom on the ignition. All of IhE dmrs will automatically loci; when you move your shift lever mlt of PARK {P} or NEUTRAL LN). If HUITIEUIHE: nbcdri In got nut while the vehicle is running. have than person use the manual or power loci-i. When tho door is closed uguin. it will Incl: automatically if the transmit: is in guur. All doors will automatically unlock when you turn the ignition off.

If you don't want the doors to automatic all}- unlock when the lot} is turned (lFF. you can remove the, UNLOCK fuse located in the glove box. See "Fuses“ in the Index for more information.

Leaving Your Vehicle

li'you are leaving the vehicle. take your keys. open your door and set lhi: locks from inside. "[11:11 get out and close the. door.

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