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How the Air Bag System Works

Where Is the air bag?

The driver‘s air bag is in the middle of the steering wheel.

When should an air bag inflate?

The air bag is designed to inflate in medal-ate to severe fronts] Dr near-frontal crashes. The air bag will inflate only if the impact speed is were the system's designed ”threshold level if your vehicle gees straight inti'.I i1 well that doesn‘t more or deform. the threshold level is about 9 In 15 mph { l4 to 24 limit”. The threshold level can vary, however. with specific vehicle design. so ihal it can be somewhat above {11' below this mange. If yflm' vehiele strikes something that will move or dei'urm. such as a parked car. the threshold level will be higher. The air bag is not designed to inflate in rollovers. side impacts. er rear impacts. because 1an etion week] out help the occupant.

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