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Charis Chassis. Iuhricunl [GM Pan Nu.

Lubrication lflfi 2497 or equivalent] or lubricant mccling mq nil-amen L5 or NLGI Grade 2. Category LB or GC-LB.

GM Optild eean' Washcr Solvcni [GM Part No. ”515151! Dr equivalenl.

Windshield Washer Solvent

Hood Latch Aswrnhly :1. Finn: and

Spring Anchor

a. Engine oil.

b. Chassis lubricant {GM Part No. 1135249? or equiv-ale ml} or

lubricant meeting rcqujrcmcnis m" NLGI Grade 2. Category LB or GC- LB.

. Relme Pawl


Hood and D00: Engim: nil ur Lubripluu: Luhriuunl Hinges. Slaliiin [GM Purl NI]. I05UIWM. Wagon Lifigula Fucl Door Hinge. Fnlding Seat Hardware. Rear Cornpartmenl

Lid Hinges Weatherstrip Cnndiliuning

Dieieci‘rir: Silicone Grease tGM Pt!" N1}. ”3455?? Br cquivulcnl].

See “Replacement Parts“ in Ihu lndux t‘nr rtuummcnded replacement Jillum. vulva: and fipaflr. plugs.


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