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Maintenance Schedule II

15,000 Miles {’25 000 km)

|:| Change engine oil and filter {or every 12 months. whichever occurs first}. Arr Emission Crinrrm’ Serb-ire.

l_I Lubriettte the trunsaxle shift linkage. parking brake enble guides. underbodv contact points and linkage. if equipped with grease fittings. lubricate the auspensinn and steering linkage {or every I2 months. whichever occurs first}.

ACTUAL h-lll.E.-'l.{:‘rl:2


22,500 Miles (37 500 km)

:| Change engine oil and filter {or every IE months. whichever oeeurx first].

:1.” Enrt'i'xt'mt Cunmn' .‘l-‘en'ir'e'.

E Luhricate [he lmnnaxle shift linkage. parking brake euhle guides. untierhotiy contact points and linkage. lfequipped with grease I'iltingx, lubricate lhe suspension and steering linkage {or every 12 months. whichever (ECHI'S first}.

|_| Rotule tires. See "'I‘ire inepeetion and Rmulinn" in the Index for proper rotation paltem and entitlitionnl inlhrmntion.


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