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Brakes the fluid level goes back up. The other reason is that fluid is leaking out of the brake system. If it is. you Brake hiaster Cylinder should have your brake system fixed. since a leak means

. . . . _ . that Sflfll‘ler or later your bmkes won‘t wurlt we ll.+ or Your brake master cylinder 1:. hem. It :5 filled mt]: won‘t work at 3]}. 50‘ it isn‘t a good idea to “top off“

DG'T‘3 ”Wk? fll-"d- you: brake fluid. Adding brake fluid wnn'L correct a leak. if you add fluid when your linings me warm. then you‘ll have too much fluid when you get new brake linings. You should add (or remove} brake fluid. as necessary, only when work is done on the brake hydraulic system.


I w I. mg; .1

There are only two reasons why the brake fluid level in your master cylinder might go down. The first is that the brake fluid goes down tn an acceptable level during nonnal brake Ilmug wear. When new linings are put m. Li ght" in the Index.

When your brake fluid falls to a low level. your brake warning light will come en. See “Brake System Warning

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