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Racking your vehicle to gel it out:

NOTICE: First. lurn your steen'ng wheel left and right. That will

Spinning your Wheels. can dig-4“,! partn- Df your clear [he area amend. yuur I'Tunl wheels. Then shill hue}; vehicle as well as “H: tires. "'3’0“ spin the wheels and forth between REVERSE. LR: and a forward gear.

[w fast While shifting yuur translaxle heel: and spinning the wheels .‘lh little a5 peseihie. Release the

thrill am eat: de'tLt-n our Lrnrksaxle accelerator pedal while you ahifl. and press lightly an ' 5 'I'I y ' the accelerator pedal when the tram-axle is in gear. II'

that doesn‘t gel ynu out after .1 few tries. you may need Fur inl'nrrnalinn uhnul using tire chains un 1mm" vehicle. It: bf tuwed BUI- It'yuu flu Ufll'd Ln ht: lflWEd UUL NEE see "Tire Chaim" in lhe Index. "Towing Ynurffar" in the Index.

5- 3'?

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