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Changing a Flat Tire

Ifu 1in: guns tlul. amid I'urtlnrr me and wheel damage by driving slowly In a level plate. Turn rm yuur I'lnzurd warning flashun-i.


Changing a tire can cause an injury. The vehicle can slip oh? the hack and rollover you or other people. You and they could he badly injured. Find a level place to change your tire. To help prevent the vehicle from moving:

1. Set the parking brake firmly.

2. Put the shill lever in PARK {PI- 3. Turn off flu: engine.

Th he even more certain the vehicle won‘t move. you can put blocks a: the from and rear of the

tire farthest away from the one being changed- Thal wmfld he {he tire on the olher side of the

vehicle. at the opposite end.

The following steps will lull you how in uxe the jack and Chung: u lire.

Home sleph‘ apply [u all mule-Is. others to jIJH-l the Sedan nr ‘h‘v'ugnn rrbzldL'IS. Fniiuw [he HEP}; lisicd I'm yuur vehicle.

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