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Your ImzoJ'd warning l'lashurs work no mam-r what [HThlllllll yuur lacy is in and even if Ihu kc}: isn't in.

To turn ofl'the flashers. pull out on the collar. Whun tho huzard warning #1:: aliurs ore on. your tum signals won‘t Wfll'l‘l.

Other Warning Devices

Il‘yiiu curry reflective triangles, you can set nos: up at the Hltle oi'lhc road about 31'!) Feet [ In“ In: behind your vehicle.

Jump Starting

If your battery has; rundown. you rim}.- wont to 1m- another vehicle and Home jumper cable}; in stun your Buick. But PJE'II‘H: inflow the steps to do it softly.


Batten-ital can hurt you. The;r can be dangerous because:

1* 11w}.r contain acid that can burn you.

I‘ They contain gas that can explode or ignite. o Tina}r contain enough atom-icky to burn you.

If you don’t followr these steps exactly... some or all of those things can hurt you.


Ignoring those steps could result in costlyI damage to your vehicle that wouldn’t he covered by your


Trying to sin rt 3.- our Buick [13- pushing or putting it won‘t work. and it could damage your vehicle.

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