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Hill and Mountain Roads If 1'0“. drive 33”“? i” “we? “WNW.” "Wu“ planning In us“ there. hurt: arr: snmv: Ups thal can make

your [tips S-Elffll' and more enjoyable.

I Keep yum" uchiuin in gum] shape. Check all fluid levels and also The brakes. tires. coding system and ”311531143. These parts can work hard on mountain roads.

0 Knnw how 1:: gm} down hill5. The most important thing In know is lhiH'. IL‘.I'. your engine do some of the slowing dawn. Shift ID :3. Inwar gear when you go down a swap or long hili.

Driving on steep hills ur mountains is different from driving in H at ur rulling Irrrain.

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