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”your salhly hehtlght warm-nan un ormysan after the-hunt doors are closed and the driver‘s AIR belt it! buckled. have yuur vehicle fixed. BAG

If you don‘t, the belt might mt work as it showdt Ind you might not have fl}: pruflctinn you’d wed in in crash.

Air Bag Readiness Light You will see thit lighl flash for it. few seconds when you turn your ignition to RUN L'll' START. Than the: light

This": 1” an H" hag readiness lighl [in the msm'mem fihuuld 110 :ml. This mean}; the syslern ix ready.

panel. which shows AIR BflsG _ The system checks lllt‘:

air bug's ctcclrit'al system Iur malt'uncliuns. ThL‘ light if the all' has reacliness. light drrem'l come nn when you IeJis you if then: is an electrical pruhlcrn. The system 9|an your vehicle, nr stayx an. or corner, (“I when you check includes the air bag sunsnm and thc wiring and the line driving. :r-nur air bag syHte n1 may no: wart: properly. diagnostic module. Fur mun: ini'nrrnatinu an the air hag Have your vehicle sun-iced right away.

system. he: "Air Bag" in the Index.


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