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The Instrument Panel: Your Information System


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1le’onr in-ztrumern panel is designed lo lei you know ul a glance how your vehicle. is running. You'll know how l'mn you're going. how much fuel you're using. and many other things you'll need Io drive 591er and economically.

Speedometer and Odometer

Your Speedometer low you see your weed in boll: miles per hour lmphj and kilometers per hourlkrnfh]. Your odometer shows. how far your vehicle has been dri 1wen, in either miles {used in the U.S.j or kilometers (used in Canada}.

Your Buick has a “temper—resistant odometer." [f you eon see very I1olieeol31e bright silver lines between the numbers. prnbuhly someone hue lried to turn it hack. The number}; may “(Ill be true.

You may wonder what happene if :3 vehicle has In have a new odometer inxtalled. If possible, the new one has In be Het to the same reading an. the old one. If it can't be. Ihen it's set at xero. and a label on the driver‘s door must show the old reading and when the new one was installed.

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