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Cigarette Lighter

Tn um: 1hr: lighter. push it In all [ht tut}: 'tll'lLl lcl gu. When i['~. ready. it will pup hurl; L1}- mar.


Ihin‘t hold a t'iuareltr lighter in with yuur hum] whilt‘ it is heating. ll' yuu dn. it wnn't he aljlu to

hack away I'mm the heating element when it‘s ready. 'l‘liat can make it overheat. damaging the lighter and mu: InsultingI clement-

l'u t'lctm the rear :txlnl'aaya. full}- “pen the atfihtruy. Pram dttwn Lllil Iht: snul'l'ut' uh yutl pull lltt: ashtray Llnwn iIHLi l‘Jlll.


Don‘t put papers and nthcr things thstt hum intu

ashlrnys. Il' 3.1m dun, cigarettes or ulllur anus-king materials could set them tm fire. filming damage.

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