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When using concentrated washer fluid, lelluw lite memfl'eeturer's lnstruetlone for adding water.

Don't mix water IIllllth reedy-io-use washer fluid. Water can Hue-e the solution to been: and damage your washer fluid tank and outer parts of the washer system. Also,

water doesn't clean as well as washer fluid.

Fill your washer fluid lenlr. ontyr all full when it’s very cold. This allows tor expansion. which could damage the tank it it In completely lull.

Don't use radiator antifreeze in your windshleid washer. It can damage your


Cruise Control {Option}


with Cruise Control. you can maintain a speed ofabout 25 mph [40 kn'u'h} or more wilhoul keeping your foot on the accelerator. This can really help on long trips. Cruise Control does not work at speeds below about 25 mph [41‘] kn'u'h‘l.


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