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The wipers Will stop after one cycle. If you want more cycles, hold the lever down to "MIST" longer.

For steady wiping at low speed, move the lever to the "LOW" position. For high speed wiphtg, move the lever further up to “HIGH." To slap the wipers. move the lever to "OFF."

low Speed Delay Wipers {flpfion}

You can set the wiper speed for a long or short. delay between wipes. This can he very useful in light rain or snow. Move the lever to DELAY then. turn the hand to choose the amount of delay.

Remember that damaged wiper blades may prevent you from seeing well enough in a spot-m to drive safely. To avoid damage. be sure to clear lee and snow from the wiper blades before using them. If they're frozen to the windshield. carefully loosen or thaw deem. If your blades become damaged. get new blades or blade inserts.

Heavy snow or ice can overload your wipers. A circuit breaker will stop them until the motor cools. lClear away snow or ice to prevent an overload.

Windshield Washer

The top of the wiper lever has the word “WASH" on it. To spray washer fluid on the windshield. pull the lever toward you.

If you have the standard wipers1 the wipers will keep going in "L0" until you lure the wiper control to ‘flFF." If you have the Low Speed Delay option, the wipers will clear the window and then either stop or return to your

preset speed.

Driving, without washer fluid can be dangerous. A bad mud splash can block your vision. You could hit another vehicle or go off the road. Check your washer fluid level often.

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