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Headlight High-boor Beam

To change the headlights from law beam to high or high to low. pull the tun] signal lever all the way

toward you. Then release it.

When the high beams are on. this blue light on the instrument panel also will he on.

Flash-To-Pass Feature {Except Canada)

It lets you use your high beam headlights to signal a driver in front of you that you wait] to pass. It Wmlfi even ifyour headlights are off.

.To use it. pull the turn aigmll'headlight beam lever towm'd you n little [but not so far that you heat a elicit}.

“your hndlighls are off: Your high beam headlights will turn an. They'll stay on as long as you hold the lever lime. Release the lever to turn them off.

If your headlights are on, but on lo'ItIr burn: The system works normally. Just pull the lever until it clicks. Your headlights will :thll't to high beam and stay mere. To mum to low beam. just pull the lever toward you.

Windshield Wipers

You control the windshield wipers by moving the lever marked "WTFER."

For a single Wiping cycle. move the lever down to "MIST,“ Hold it down until the wipers start, then let go.


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