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A green arrow on the instrument panel will flash in the direction of the turn or lane change.

To signal a lane change,just raise or lower the lever until the green arrow starts to flash. Hold it there until you complete your lane change The letter will return by itself when you release it.

fits you signal a turn or a lane change. if the arrows don't flash but just stay on. a signal both may be burned out and other drivers won’t see your turn signal.

It a bulb is burned out, replace it to help aruiu an accident. If the green arrows don't go on at all when you signal a turn. check the fuse {see “Fuses" in the lndettl and for bumed~uut bulbs.


Turn Signal “On” Chime

A chime will sound if your turn signal is left on after hayin g gone Eff-l of a mile. to remind you to turn your signal off.

Operation of Lights

Although your vehicle's lighting system (headlights. parking lights, fog lamps, side marker lights and taillights} meet all applicable federal lighting requirements, certain states and provinces may apply their own Eighting regulations that may require special attention before you operate these lights.

For example some jurisdictirms may require that you operate your fog lamps only when your lower beam headlights are also on. or that headlights be turned on whenever you must use your windshield wipers. in addition+ most jurisdictions prohibit driving solely with parking lights, especially at dawn or dusk, it is recommended that you check with your own state or provincial highway authority for applicable lighting regulations,

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