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2. Move the shill lever jnm "P“ {Park} position like this:

0 Hold in the button on the level-3nd puah Lhr: law: all the Way Inward 111:: Fran! :yl'y'DLIT vehicle.

I Move: me [Her up a}; far as '11 will go.

3. Move lht: ignititm key In “Lock."

4. Remove Ihe key and take it wilh you. Ifynu can walk away from ynur vehicle with thE' igniticm lit}; in your hand. your vehicle is m “P“ {Purl-L). 3. Move the ignition kav [oukau

CDHSDIE Shin LEVEI' 4. Remove Ihe key and talus ll wilh you. ll'ynu can

walk away I'mm yuur which: wilh 111$. ignilion key in

LHldlh' k‘ l'ld ' " ' " D L bras L PM d “W" mth 301“ ['1qu mm mm your hand. your which: is in “F" [PaTkL

ml 111: parking hm Ice.

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