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o 2 [Second Gear}

This position gives you more power but lower fuel economy. You can use “2” on hills. It can help etmLi'ul your speed as you go down steep mountain roads. but then you would also want to use your brakes off and on.


Don't drive In “2" {Second Gear] for more Ihan 5 miles re km]. or at apeede over 55 mph {EB hmihl. or you can damage your traneaxle. Uee “D”i*'@" or "D“ If your vehicle has Overdrlva] as much as


Don't ahli't into "2" unless you are going alowar than 35 mph [105 itrnl'h}. or you can damage your engine.


I I [First Gear} [3-Speetl Transaxle Only}

This position gives you even more power {but lower fuel economy) than “2.” You can use it on very steep hills, or in deep snow UI mud. If the selector lever is put in “l." the Ltanaaxle won‘t shill into first gear until the vehicle is going slowly enough.


Ii your front wheels can't rotate. don't try to drive. This might happen It you were etucit in very deep sand or mud or were up against a eolld object. You could damage your tranaaxie.

Mac, It you slop when going uphill, don't hold your vehicle there with only the accelerator pedal. This could overheal and damage the traneaxie. Uee your brakes to hold your vehicle in position on a hill.

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