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I (E [Aulomatio Overdrive} Hyour automatic transaxlo has automatic words-Eva. Ibis position is for normal driving. [f you used more power for passing. and you‘re: Going loss than 35 mph [56 kmfh}, push your accelerator pedal about halfway down.

Going about 35 mph {SIE— ltim'l'i} or more. push the accelerator all the way down.

You'll shift down to the next gear and have more

power. I D [Third Gulf}

NOTICE- If your automatic trans-axle. does not have Overdfive, Damage to your “nm Hum h? ahlftlng am this position is for normal driving. at all speeds. in uf -pn (Paris) ar "H" {Neutral} with the engine most street and highway EIIUHHDDS.

"WINS! Isn't couamd W I'm-W warranty. Here on: some: limos you might choosi: "D" instead of CE}:

-r When driving on. hilly, winding roads

thn towing a Irailcr, so more is hiss shifting between gears

- W'I'uen going down a sloop- hill

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