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Your engine In designed to work with the electronics in your vehlcta. It you add electrical parts fll' manna. 5‘0" could BMI‘IQB “13 way the fuel injection ayatam operates. Bolero adding ele'etrioa] equipment. eheolt with your dealer. It

you don‘t, your englne mlght not perform properly.

It you ever have to have your vehicle towed. see the part of thla manual that tells how to do It

without damaging your vehicle. See "Towing Your Buielt" In the Index.


Driving Through Deep Standing Water


ti you drive too quleltly through deep puddles or standing water. water can come in through your

engine's alr Intake and badly damage your angina. ii 1ft!“ can't B'J'Dllii deep ouddlaa till' standing water, drive through them ver slowly.

Engine Coolant Heater (Engine Block Heater) {Option}

in very cold weather, fl°F I[- [8°C] or colder, the engine coolanl heater can help, 1'{ou"|l get ea sier atanj ng and better fuel economy during engine warm—up. Usually, the coolant heater should be plugged in a minimum of four lam-urn prior to starting your vehicle.

To use the egulmt heamr: I. Turn off the engine. 2. Open the hood and unwrap the electrical cord.

3. Plug it into a normal, grounded [Ill-volt outlet.

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