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1'96: Buit'k .‘t'prztritn'

Built inside the walls nfthe old buildings in Buick‘s former Flint complex. which formed the cornerstone of thurttl Motors. Buick City, is. u stttte—uli—the—art assembly facility with TnUTL': than 200 robots and other high—tech equipment. it was ctimplctutl in tht: l'all uf Willi.

Buicks are, and will mintinuc It} be, premium American

mittutcars with smutnth pint-tr. high pchtirmttnee, rit‘h detail and comfortable accommodation.

Ed MEN; General Manager, Buick Motor Dt't't'sitm

UUT missirm is simple:

"Buick Will provide Premium American Motorcars backed with services that exceed our CUSIL'ImEI's' expectations. throughout the purchase. ownership. service and n: purchase experience."

Buicks are SL'BS’I'AN'I‘IAL. Buicks are DlS'l‘lNC'l'l'i-“E. Bttieks are. POWERFUL. BillL'fliS ate MATURE.

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