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New Vehicle “Break-In” Ignition Key Positions

4' Your squaruhhcadcd key opemtes your igniLion luck.


Your modern Bulck doasn'l naad an elaboraie "brook-In." But it will parinnn batter In on long run If you follow H1355 guldallnes:

I Don't diiva a! onlyr nna speed -- last or alan- '- lor lite first 5M miles (BIN llrn}. Don't mm lull-lhrotlla starts.

Avoid making hard stops for ll'la flrsl 2M mllas {322 km} or so. During this time your new brake linings aren’t yet brnkan In. Hand slaps will: now linings nan mm promnlura wear and aarrller rapinnarnant. Fallow thla “hmklng-ln“ guldellne mryllme you got new brake linings.


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