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Battery Replacement

Under normal use. the batteries in yuur key chain transmitter should last about two years.

You can Ital] the hattefics are weak ill' the Lramimitler won’t work at the normal range in any location. If you have to get close to your vehiCI: before the Iranflmitter works. it‘s probany time to change the batteries.

Fur battery reglaeement Lise two Duracell batteries. type BIL-EDIE. or a similar


2. 3.


If your transmitter has :1 screw, remote Ihe ae rev.- t'rent the back cover. If there is no screw. carefully pry off the cover by inserting a dime [or similar object} in the slot between the covers and tben twiet.

Lil't off the from cover? bottom half Fl rxl.

Remove and replace the batteries. Put them in as; the direction under U11: buttrriea indicate.

Replace the from. cover. Make sure ll'lE! center ix tin tightty. art water won't get in. Replace the acrew in the back cover. if there is one. If there is no screw. snap the cot-en. together.

Check the operalion oftbe transmitter.


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