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This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Uperation is subject to the following two conditions: ll.) This device may not cause harmful interference. and {2} This device must accept any interference received. including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Should interference to this system occur, try this:

0 Check to determine if battery replacement is necessary. See the instructions on battery replacement.

0 Check the distance. You may he too far from your vehicle. This product has a maximum range.

I Check the location. Other vehicles or objects may the blocking the signal.

I See your Buick dealer or a qualified technician lior service.

Changes or modifications to this system by other than an authorized service facility could void authorization to use this equipment.



The driver's door will unlock automatically when UNLOCK is pressed. if UNLOCK is pressed twice quickly, all doors will unlock. All the doors will lock when D00“ is pressed. The trunk will unlock anytime the opened trunk symbol is pressed if the ignition is off. If the ignition is ON. the trunk will unlock if the Lransaxle is in “N” Neutral or “P" Park.

Matching Thansmittcrts) To Your Vehicle

Each key chain transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle. 11‘ a transmitter is lost or stolen, a replacement can he purchased through your dealer. Remember to bring the remaining transmitters with you when you go to your dealer. When the dealer matches the replacement transmitter to your vehicle the remaining transmitters must aIso be matched. lt'l‘rtce the new transmitter is coded. the lost transmitter will not unlock your vehicle.

You can match a transmitter to as many different vehicles as you own. provided they are equipped with W. {General Motors offers several different models of these systems on their vehicles.) Each vehicle can have only two transmitters matched to it. See your dealer to match Transmitters to another vehicle.

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