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Power Door Locks

Pct-:55 the power door lock

switch to lock or unlock all the dmirs. at once.

Automatic Door Locks

JuSl close your doors and turn on the ignilion. All of your doors will luck when you move your shill lever out of "P” {Perl-cl or “N" {Neutral}. Each time you close your dun-rs and turn on the ignition. the doors will look automatically. If someone needs In get out while the vehicle is running. he m:- that person use the manual or power lock. If the shift lever is NOT in “P" [Pad-t} 01' "N" {Ne utral) when the opened door is closed, all doors will be locked when the door is closed.

lfthe shift lever is in “P" {Park} or "N” {Neutral} when Lht: opened door is closed. all doors will be locked whcn you shift out ol' "P" {Park}.

All doors will automatically UNLOCK when the ignition is turned OFF. The automelic donor lmk feature can be defeated by removing the "UNLK" I'use l IDA} from the vehicle fuse block.

Leaving Your 1Vehicle

If you on: leaving, Ihc vehicle. take your keys. open your door and not the looks from inside. Then get onl and close The door.


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