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In World War [1. Buick buii: aircraft engines, tanks and other military hardware. This post— war period brought great styling and engineering changes which resulted in increased Halon. The lnrqut: convencr automatic transmission. Dynafiow. was introduced in the. 1943

Roadmasrer. Buick’s famous "porllioles" came along in 1949.


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!949 Roodmflm'

A high-compression V-3 engine was introduced in I953. And Buiek's famous vertical pillar '1oo1hy‘* gritle. [introduced in 1942t.bernn1e more massive in the

porn-War ['ru.

1‘95 3 Skylar-J.-

Motor Trend magazine named the 1962 Buick Special, “Car of the Year". The first production V—fi engine was uxcd in the Special.

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