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Durant also created a racing team that won SUI} racing trophies in 1909 and 19"). including successes at Indianapolis two years before the [Tidy SUU began.

The success of Buick engines was visible not only on the race track. but in endurance tests across the country and around the worldY Buick was the only ear to complete a LOUD-mile Chieago—to— New York nice in 1906. And a Buick was the fin-n cariu travel across South America. driven from Buenes hires. Argem'inn, nit-or lht: Annex. to Santiago, Chile in HM.

19!! Model 2? Touring Car on Buiriilt Tet: Hill

Buick drew plenty of attention because it could climb hills and run through mud like no miter car. Buick's endurance and reliability were world famous.

During WOTld War ]. Buick built Liberty aircraft engines as well as Red Cross ambulances so successful that one Buick ambulance was awurried the Croix de Guerre by the French government.

As :1 builder of premier automobiles. Buick was hard hit by We Great Depression. However. new General Manager. Ha riow H. Eunice created popular new models including the Special and the Roedmaster. Buick sales soon flourished.

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