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I. Put the restraint on the scat. Follow the instructions 4. Buckle the belt. Make sum the films: hutmn is For the child tcstmtnl. poailioncd so you would be able to unhucktc the

xal‘cty belt quickly it yctu ever had tn.

2. Secure tltc child in th: child rcstrainl 35 the, instmutin-ttx stay,

3. Pick up the latch p131c.at1d rttn tltc lap and shoulder portions of the vehicle's sat‘cty belt through m- amund thc reslniinl. The child rcslraint instructions will show you how. Till the latch plate to adjust the: belt if Hectic-ti.

[1“ IJ‘lL: shuuldcr hell gum: in fic-nt at“ the child‘s face ctr ncclt. put it behind the child restraint.

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