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Top Strap For cars first sold in Canada. child restraints with a top strap must be anchored according to Canadian Law.

Yotu' dealer can obtain the hardware kit and install it for you. or you may install it yourself using the instructions provided in the Itlt.

Use the tether hardware kit nvai [able from the dealer. The hardware and inatallafinn instructions were specificallyr designed for this vehicle.

Securing a Child Restraint in 3 Rear Dntside Position

If you child restraint has a top strap, it should be anchored.

If you need tn have an anchor installed you can ask “35'“ be using 1115 lap-shoulder bfiiL See the W13” you: Buick dealer to put it in ful- you. If you want [0 section about the top strap if the child restraint hoe one. install an anchor yourself. your dealer can tell you how

to do iL


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