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”vaive-in—bead" engine. a light. powerfili and reliable mgine which would eventual];r influence lite entire automotive industry.

William C. Durant was insomneom in promoting Buicks across the coming using his Durant-Dart Caniago Co. ouflets and ssiespwple as the nucleus of a giant distribution system. He knew the Buick as a “self-seller". If automobiles could be this good. he uiought. maybe it was lime to switch from the horse and buggy business to automobiles.

At the 1905. New York hub} Show, Durant took orders for [.000 Buicks before the 1::ou:t]:uan:\‘I had built 40. On Buiek‘s success. Durant created a holding company. September Iii. 1903. He called it lGeneral Motors.

Wetter Mori- and Homes Buick

Buiek‘s chiefenginoer. Walter L. Man (in ft}. and Til-muss D. Buick. son of founder David Dunbar Buick. drove the first Flint Buick in a successful Flint—Detroit round trip in July 1904.

Deficl Buick was building gasoline engines by [399. and Man. his engineer. appurea'uiyI built the first auto to be called a Buick in 1900. However. Buick naditionaiiy dates its beginnings to 1903. That was the year the curnperu.r was reorganized. refinanced and moved from Detroit to Flint. Buick has always been a moduct innovator. Buick engineers developed the


Wilhelm C. (Billy) Durant

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