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Hear Eliaj'et‘r.r Belt Cnmfurt Guides for Time is. um: guide for each nuisidc passanger posiljdn in

Children and Small Adults the rear seat. You will find [hem iuckcd in hammer: [ht sum hack and the interior bad 3;. about half—way down

Rcar shouidrr ball comfort guides will prm'ide added the edge 3.me seal hark. Hun: jg how Ir'UU :shnuld insral!

CUITIfDI'I For Chlldrfim “h” haw: llutgn‘JWrI Child The cuml'urL guide on the shoulder bells:

realraints.m1d for small aduhs. The. comfort guides; pull _ _

tl'lt‘ shnuldur hUlIH awn}- :‘rnm [he neck and head. 1' PM] The 313”“: “rd m" hm" hflwcun 1h: edge: ”I

[ha scan hack and the interior body to remove the guide from in. “drags.- clip.

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